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East Midlands ENT Training Scheme

Welcome to the East Midlands ENT Training Scheme website. As well as being an informal attempt to help new registrars, the website also serves as an online forum for education, training and ideas sharing. It's often difficult to get everyone together at the same time, but using the the internet means everyone can do it in their own free time. Please get involved, as the more people contribute the better it will be!




NEXT ARCP 17th June 2014






Training Programme Director- Mr Mark Johnston
Chair of Speciality Training- Mr 
Research Lead- Prof Henry Pau
Academic Career Pathway Lead- Prof Gerry O'Donoghue
SAC Representative- Ms Kate Evans
Leicester Representative- Mr Peter Conboy
Derby Representative- Mr Mark Johnston
Trainee Representative- Miss Tawakir Kamani
East Midlands ENT Webmaster - Mr Shaji Mansuri & Miss Tawakir Kamani


The website was set up and written by

Esmond Carr, Mat Daniel, Marianne Elloy, Julian Gaskin, Emma Hoskison, Tawakir Kamani, Shaji Mansuri, Lisha McLelland and Anshul Sama


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